11 landmark buildings of Kyiv worth seeing and showing to visitors

10 июля 2013, 10:16

Kyiv is well known for its architectural beauty and outstanding heritage. We have selected the list of places to prove it to you. Read and find out about 11 buildings in Kyiv that are worth attention.


The Golden Gate

≈ 1000 years.

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The existing building is the reconstruction of the authentic Golden Gate. The ruins of the original one can be found beneath it but it’s not an easy task. Look carefully on the foundation while entering the building, you may be able to distinguish the historical bricks. By the way, the gate was the main entrance in Kyiv in the 11th century. Can you imagine how big the city has grown? Now it’s in the heart of dynamic megalopolis.


The Opera House 

≈ 110 years.

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Theater’s stalls with a close proximity to stage have a seating capacity of 384; the gallery, circle and four balconies – around 1650 spectators. The building is genuine delight for the eye both in the summer, when many skateboarders gather around, and in the winter when it is smothered in snow sparkling silver in the rays of city lights. Once one could meet outstanding classics here – Nikolay Lysenko, Sergey Rakhmaninov, Pyotr Tchaikovsky; now it is the place for world opera and ballet stars from New York, Paris and Moscow, as well as for academic and modern choreography and music performances  ( for example, Red Bull Flying Bach).


The Mariyinskyi Palace.

≈ 250 years.

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The sky-blue two-story palace. It is used to be the residence of the tsar family when they came to Kyiv. Now formal events related to activities of the President of Ukraine are being held here – award ceremonies, summits and official receptions. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine is situated nearby. It is noteworthy that a new species of cocaine bush previously unknown for botanical science, namely Columbian or Trukhil coca, was discovered here in Tsarskyi Garden near the Mariyinskyi Palace.


The Castle of Richard.

≈ 110 years.

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Not a castle at all, but the building number 15 on Andriyivskyi descent is situated on the hill and decorated with architectural elements  typical for castle and fortress type – various towers, steeples, cogged walls. For a while, the house’s apartments used to be rented. However, the tenants were afraid to stay here, hearing horrible howls and moans, and the house was covered with a variety of gloomy legends. Later it appeared that it was all due to defects in ventilation and heating systems. Ukrainian artists used to live here,making the house a kind of  a squat. Now the house is empty and nobody lives in it. 


The House with the Cats.

≈ 100 years.

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It was called so  because of the many cat figures decorating the façade. The house used to be called Koschei’s (the Deathless) Castle for a while. Though celebrities lived here there is a rumor that it is dangerous to stay at the house or nearby and the figures on the façade are pure mystical signs. Now the premises are used as apartments while the first floor is occupied by a firm of attorneys.


The House of Kovalevskyi.

≈ 100 years.

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A three-story Arabian-style building resembling a castle. The tower and the dome hide the 78 degree angle at which the house was built and here Orlyka and Shelkovichnaya streets meet. The drainpipes are hidden in the wall so that their shadow does not visually divide the façade. The wall facing Shelkovichnaya Street has an image of the architect himself in cat’s disguise. And inside there is a room decorated as a railway car compartment. 


The Parus(The Sail, The Canvass).

≈ 5 years.

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This 34-floor building is one the highest in Kyiv where skyscrapers are very few. There is a parking  with 300 car capacity and offices for a much greater number of people. It creates an interesting impression because of its neighbourhood with old buildings in the city centre. Editorial tip: climb up the top floors to see breathtaking city views.


The House with Chimeras.

≈ 110 years.

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The Monument of Kyiv architecture № 906 is the grey cement building where innovative material was used for the first time. Whimsy (grotesque) sculptures of real animals and  imaginary monsters can be found inside and outside the building. Previously there was a swamp. Be informed that the office of the Administration of the President of Ukraine is situated right in the opposite building.  


The House of the Mourning Widow.

≈ 110 years.

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A 10-room house is built by a merchant for himself. The first owner immortalized himself by having left his monogram “CA” (“SA”) in the front of the building. Nowadays it is the official residence of the President of the state. Over the entrance, there is a molded face of a mourning  woman, though the reason for her crying is unknown.


The National Bank.

≈ 110 years.

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As for building was constructed over 100 years ago, it is a real marvel of technology with central steam heating, electric lighting and a double ventilation system. 7 fans with total capacity of about 18 horsepowers could twice refresh the air all over the premises in an hour. In winter it was heated with radiators and cooled with air from cold underground channels in summer. The air for ventilation was taken from a rose garden arranged in the bank’s courtyard for these purposes.


The Red Building.

≈ 160 years.

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The 4-story red building of the University has a square form; its inner is available only for students and employees of the institution. During the first years after the construction the outer walls were painted in white and not red as it appears nowadays. The foundations for Botanical Gardens  were laid behind the Red Building in 1841. The building is ultimately beautiful as far as the eye can see and it’s truly magnificent at night with the new super-red illumination. 




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