11 Legendary Sights You Have Heard About But Didn’t Know Where to Find

Евгения Сизонтова 18 июля 2013, 15:45  14507

Overview of unfamiliar places of interest in Kyiv worth visiting by every local and guest


Courtyard with ravens 

Three ravens have been dwelling on Reitarska street in the centre of Kyiv for almost 15 years. They have nothing to do with usual ravens, these are different species. An average raven would grow 60-65 cm long.

Now there are three ravens there: Kirilll, Karlusha and Korbin. All of them got here in different time and for different reasons: the one who was winged was brought here by the hunters, the other one - by local people and third one was brought here ill from the zoo.  Locals and sometimes visitors look and clean after ravens . You can get to the courtyard through the arch of house number 9 on Reitarska street.

The nearest subway station is Zoloti Vorota.  


Bench for Kisses on Andriivskyi Descent 


One of the five benches was placed on Andriivskyi descent, Uzdykhalnitsa hill, near the Castle of Richard. The remaining four can be found in Mariyinskyi and Khreshatyi parks, in the Pechersk Botanical Gardens and on the Muse Alley on Obolon riverfront.

The place isn’t that crowdy and popular but the view here is marvelous. The place may be fairly considered one of the most romantic and “closed” from strangers’ eyes. You’ll get there if you climb up the steep stairs from building number 23 on Andriyivskyi descent. 


The Smallest Elevator 

The general’s elevator or “cabin for the slims” can be found in Kyiv downtown on Prorizna street and is surely  a unique thing! There are a lot of stories and legends about it, since it started operating  far back  in 1949. The most trustworthy version says that any other elevator couldn’t fit the narrow stairwell and the owner of the apartment was very persistent in installing an elevator in this part of the house. The lift still works smoothly and steadily in the building with 5 floors. To find the right entrance is quite simple if you approach the house between buildings #11 and #15 on Prorizna street, and then go round about the building.

The nearest subway station is Zoloti Vorota.


Courtyard with the sundial

A huge ground-based sundial can be found at Podil, and namely in the yard of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. It was built by professor of mathematics Pierre Brouillon in the end of XVIII century.

In sunny weather you can observe the flow of time here and this may drag you in for a long time. There are plenty of benches that motivate you to stay here longer and observe the magic of rime-passing.

The place is a perfect hide from city hustle behind the walls of the academy.

You can get here from Skovorody street, entering the yard opposite building number 5. In case it is closed, go to the cross-road with Voloshska street, turn right, go 100 m more and pass through the gate. Another option is to go round the yard of the hospital and behind house number 4 on Skovorody street.

The nearest subway station is Kontraktova Plosha.


Children’s Railway 


The railway is almost 3 km long. In fact the trains and wagons was built in 1953. There are 3 fully equipped stations and a working stock with semiautomatic blocking system, station and locomotive radio communication and 6 traffic lights. The railway is called “children’s” one because only children can use it. Children can be trained here as railway specialists, and this is considered to be out-of-school education. The railroad is open from May to August on weekends and holidays only. Ticket fee is a little bit more than 11 gryvnyas for children and 15 for adults, kids up to 6 years can enjoy a free ride. The road is in Syretskyi park with the nearest  subway station is Dorogozhychi.


Monument to the first Zaporozhets car


A memorial to the first Ukrainian motor-car – ZAZ-965 that is widely called “hunchbacked” is situated near Automobile and Road Technical College at 20, Vasylkivska street.

The car was “born” in 1960s and cost 1800 rubles at that time – the car shouldn’t be worth of more than thousand bottles of vodka.

Today the monument is painted in national colors – yellow and blue.

The nearest subway station is Vasylkivska.


The oldest Kyiv bridge

It’s no more in use, but open. People call it “park bridge” and it’s situated on the almost vanished Petrovska street, near Voznesenskyi descent.

Back  in 1960s the street was highly populated and  the car traffic here was pretty heavy but now it resembles a thicket.

The bridge has been out of service for quite a long time already. In the past it sprang to the first Kyiv’s alcoholic beverages production factory. Now the unique bridge can be found near new Greco-Catholic church on Smirnova-Lastochkina street.

The nearest subway station is Lukyanivska.


“Concrete” Ship 


This  boat is moored on Obolon riverfront. This huge concrete construction was built in 1930s as a strategic object. It resembles a submarine, but in fact it’s a part of so called Stalin subway or “Object №1”.

Even today no one knows its actual construction purpose and why it has exactly this shape.

The nearest subway station is Obolon.




This historical place is located on a peninsula. Once there was a fortress here, which was later destroyed.  However the ruins of so called Kytai-town that was founded in IX-X centuries in the times of Kyivan Rus are still here. In the end of 1950s caves were discovered here, but they are closed for visitors. The site derives its name from the word “kytai” (“a fortress”, “a fortification”) originated from Turkic languages.

Besides the ruins this place is remarkable for its picturesque landscapes, fountains and the Saint Trinity Monastery which is located here. Kytayevo is situated in the Golosiivskyi forest, almost out of Kyiv.

The nearest subway station is Golosiivska, 4 km away.


Kokorev’s Arbor 

There are only two similar ancient arbors in Kyiv that are commonly called “openworked”. According to the legend, notorious merchant  Vasiliy Kokorev used to admire the landscape from the porch of St.Andrew’s Church. When he came to Kyiv, he made a donation of 1000 rubles to the city for building the arbor with a panoramic view. Regarding the later building dates that were moved to the end of XVIII century, the city was able to built already 2 arbor as the donation was kept in bank on deposit and the interest rate as a bonus was paid out. The first arbor is situated near St. Andrew’s Church, another is close to St. Vladimir’s monument, near funicular. The unknown arbor is near Andriyivskyi descent, you just need to turn to Andriivska hill.

The nearest subway station is Kontraktova plosha.


Boiler-House with the Views of Kyiv 

Local artist Mikhail Khimich has painted beautiful views of Kyiv on the wall of a boiler-house at Obolon. Here you can find Kyiv-Pecherska Laura, funicular, St. Sofia Cathedral, Andriyivskyi descent, the Arch of Nation’s Friendship and lots of other city sights including the house itself with the colorful panorama.  

You can see this piece of art at 13, Tymoshenka street near Minska subway station.