11 Must See Places in Kyiv

Glossteam 25 июня 2013, 13:48  39140

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Locals don’t always remember good places to show. Even Google sometimes doesn’t bring up exactly what you need. Here we have selected 11 best places in Kyiv that are really worth seeing.


Mystetskyi Arsenal (Creative Arsenal).

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Half factory, half pavilion, this creative space should be attended even when there is no significant exhibitions, concerts, shows or other similar events. Although, there is always something happening here. Recently large book festival took place in Mystetskyi Arsenal, where one could page through and buy enormous amount of locally published books.

There you can also find permanent exposition called “Arsenal of ideas”, that will be available till May, 2014. “Arsenal of ideas” is a place where children can discover science matters, find out about latest inventions and innovations in an extraordinary way. It’s really interesting for adults as well.


Spivoche pole (Singing field).

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A beautiful natural landscape park, it is a central part of Pechersk landscape park. Concerts, festivals, exhibitions take place here every now and then. Also there is an annual flower festival. You can come here just to have a walk. If you want to feel yourself as a local, you should come here, get lost in the crowd, eat cotton candy, drink kvass (slavic national bread-base beverage) and sit on grass under the sun. Suitable for all seasons except winter.


Panoramic roof.

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It is the roof of a newly built 25-floor skyscraper at 4a, Chervonozoryanyi avenue. From 100 meters height with the help of astronomical binoculars you can see the Right part of the city, airport Juliany and even a hotel you stayed in. It is awesome to watch sunrise, or sunset, or night city lights from here. Wine, chocolate, nice company can only make such time better. Open 24 hours a day.


PinchukArt Center.

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The heart and soul of modern art in Kyiv and place of acquaintance with modern foreign and Ukrainian masterpieces in painting, sculpture, graphic arts, music and whatever else. The expositions changes approximately every six month and currently there is an exhibition of Chinese art on display. Damien Hirst’s collection of works were the most sensational here - sharks in formaldehyde, dried flies, human skeleton, cows’ heads, embalmed lamb and foal... 7-hours queue to the exposition is not a limit PinchukArt Center.


Taras Shevchenko’s Park. 

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It’s the most popular students’ park surrounded by two campuses of the main Ukrainian universities. Lately it has overtaken a very European look with a two-level bicycle parking, the bicycle rent & tourist bureau opened in an old tram, a tasty take-away coffee.  A couple of new cozy cafes have been recently opened here. If you want to eat something simple but tasty, you are welcome to try sandwiches from mini-stands around the park. Although the park is not that large, there are enough attractions inside – fountains, art center for kids, live statues, restless chess players and many others. You can take a rug and have a picnic here. The place is perfect for visiting during the day as well as at night-time, when the principal building of the University is brightly illuminated with intensive red light. 


Grishko Central Botanical Garden.

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It is better to come here on weekdays to avoid the crowd. Hot summer days are good for visiting the Garden after 4 p.m., when air in the park is chilling out and the grass is so fresh and fragrant with seasonal flowers. This spot is perfect for jogging and doing all kind of outdoor activities. The Garden is located on the hills and when you go to the lilac’s grove, you have a chance to view the breathtaking panorama of Dnipro and the left side of Kyiv as well.

While walking through the park you can hear bells of the acting Holy Trinity Ionine monastery that is located in the Garden.


Andriyivsky Uzviz and Vozdvizhenka (Andrew's Descent and Vozdvizhenka district)

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Start your walk from the very top of Andrew's Descent. Take a look at the church, souvenirs, uncommon buildings, people and go left in the middle of the descent to the Vozdvizhenska street. Get lost among gingerbread houses, sit on a green lawn and come into one of the restaurants on your way. Vozdvizhenska street along with Vozdvizhenka district are famous for being unlike all-of-the-same-kind scenes of Kyiv – here are pretty low-rise houses of a west European town style; everything is tiny, clean and quiet with beautiful street lamps and benches.


The Mariinsky Park.

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The favorite spot of skaters, rollers and bikers. Locals like to take their tiny funny dogs for a walk to the Mariinsky Park. Furthermore, there is a magnificent palace and popular lovers’ bridge here. You can reach the Arch of friendship by walking through the park. Once a young creative team proposed to paint it into 8 colors – that would have looked look like an LGBT rainbow – but municipal authorities banned the idea, unfortunately.  


The Trukhaniv Island.

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Due to its location on the Dnipro River, there are several islands in Kyiv. The Trukhaniv Island is yet the easiest to get into – either by foot (over the pedestrian bridge) or by car (a taxi). During Euro-2012 this was the exact place where Swedish football fans had their camp. This island is a center of summer fun and leisure activities. Here you can find sandy beaches, wakeboarding parks, open-air restaurants, kids’ camps and a lot of pretty much wild nature. The island is divided into two parts where the Druzhby Narodiv Park (Park of the Friendship of Nations) and the Bobrovnya Natural Reserve is located. You’d better leave the island after dark, but in day time it is safe, fun and quiet here.


Sofiyska Square.

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This is a beautiful square with the monument to Bogdan Khmelnytsky, ukrainian historical figure and the belfry of the Sofiyivsky Cathedral.  What can be better than a walk from Golden Gates metro station to the square with a cup of good take-away coffee that one can buy nearby. Political rallies, TV-castings or concerts of Ukrainian artists take place here every now and then. On opposite side of Sofiyska Square is Mykhailivskiy Monastery and Mykhailivska Square. On the left of it there is a funicular, on the right - the street that leads to Maidan Nezalezhnosti. 


The Besarabsky Market.

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It is expensive, but authentic one. You can find almost everything here: numerous diversity of spices, dried fruits and nuts, caviar, meat and flowers. In summer there are a lot of juicy berries, forest mushrooms and amber-colored honey. It is absolutely safe to buy meat, fish or seafood at this market. The souvenirs are also there. Salo (traditional dish, a well salted well piece of lard) could be a funny souvenir from Ukraine. Dare to bargain – you are likely to succeed. To be sure, come just before closing time.