11 Restaurants Worth Visiting in Kyiv

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National cuisine and authentic recipes are among the top tourist’s impressions in to-do-list of things during the trips abroad. Being overloaded with sightseeing in the first days after arriving, we start to explore the nearest restaurants with the varieties of tastes, new flavors and new food impressions about country. 

Gloss has selected 11 delicious places with various cuisine, cool interior, favorable location and stunning views over Kyiv.



From borsch to varenyky – all specialties of Ukrainian cuisine can be tasted here. The premium location in the most Ukrainian park of the capital – Taras Shevchenko’s Park – add additional charm to this restaurant. Our top-choices to taste for you are Ukrainian home-made sausages, pancakes from stove, potato pancakes with sour cream, puffy pampushkas with garlic together with borsch, home salted vegetables to follow a warming shot of the original “gorilka” (vodka).

Address: Taras Shevchenko’s Park, 10 Tereshenkovska Str.




The project of the prominent restaurateur is presented by the exquisite cuisine from the beloved chef. http://gloss.ua/story/restoraunt/article/73158 Crossover as the combination of the different world cuisines with Ukrainian one is the new format for Kyiv and is the unique proposal of “Tri Vilki”. So get ready for borsch that is served with duck pâté and other author’s surprises. Besides unusually combined dishes there is fish and meat in josper in the menu, teppan, wok and a special oven for Peking duck that is open to visitors’ sight.

Address: Vladimirskaya str., 76. 



The idea and concept of the restaurant were created by a duet of talented restaurants’ owner Dima Borisov and legendary musician Oleg Skrypka. It is a restaurant of haute Ukrainian cuisine based on old-fashion recipes of pre-Revolutionary period. After visiting Kanapa salon-restaurant you are going to change your impression about Ukrainian food as it is traditionally considered to be a home-made food – huge portions with sausage, sour cream, fried pork fat, salted vegetables, pasties. The restaurant’s menu presents molecular cuisine together with national dishes of the pre-Revolutionary period. The best way to prepare yourself for new food-experiments in Kanapa salon-restaurant is to have a walk through Andriyivsky descent.

Address: Andriyivskyi descent, 19. 




The Uzbek restaurant will offer you cheburek (minced meat pastry), pilaf, manti (oriental dumplings), lamb noodle soup, lamian, a variety of sweet honey delights, home-made fresh drinks and a puffed oriental shisha on a spacious summer terrace. Get ready for interior with traditional oriental carpets and floral textile cushions.

Address: Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 85/87.




This is a restaurant for those who love meat and wine in various combinations. Here you can choose among dozens of American steaks from marbled beef or simply indulge yourselа with the most tasty meat dishes! True gourmets can be interested in “Chef's Table” special offer: a chance to receive a personal invitation from the chef and look inside the kitchen.

Адрес: ул. Шота Руставели, 11.




The name of the place expresses itself the idea of cuisine and interior without a thousand of words. The downtown street noise and hurrying passers-by make it easy to pass  by a small sign-board with Under Wonder signature. But when you get inside the restaurant, you’ll immediately run away from the city hustle. Just step in the doorway and you’ll find yourself in an unusual place like Alice in Wonderland who got there down a small inconspicuous hole. Good music, muted light of lamps and candles, shadows on the aged brick walls and traditional Italian cuisine are waiting for you here.

Address: Krasnoarmeyskaya str., 21.




The original Neapolitan pizza must be baked by a pizzaiolo in a right oven using the original flour. And Napule is such a traditional Neapolitan pizzeria in Kyiv. A plenty variations of pizza can be ordered here: from hot and spicy Diavola to dessert pizza with chocolate and nuts cream.

Address: Mechnikova, 9.




“There is no shadow like that of the kitchen, no smoke like that of the pasties, and no clattering like that of the goblets”, - a quotation from Francois Rabelais’ work is a direction here; everyone eat here a lot and with pleasure, as did the hero of the novel after which the restaurant was named. Home-made pasta is matter of special pride here, like, for instance, black pappardelle with cuttlefish and its ink or tagliatelle with black truffles and marrow. The restaurant has its own wine cellar, so the wine card offers you the wide variety of choices. 

Address: Lysenko str., 1. 




Modern Italian cuisine from Andrea Nori: every dish is prepared according to family recipes – from olives and shrimps as appetizers to tiramisu. The glass front wall of the restaurant welcomes daily light as well as opens view over the Roman-Catholic church and the nearby green park. In the evening OK Bar&Restaurant turns into favorite pre-party place.

Address: Krasnoarmeyskaya, 94.




Restaurant&lounge SAD is well known for its very spacious summer terrace with extra white minimalistic design under the shadow of chestnuts in a quiet patio of the historic city centre next to the famous House with Chimeras, Ivan Franko’s Theatre, cozy park and shopping passage. Original chef’s menu, elegant interior and excellent music make the place worth visiting more than once.

Address: Bankova str., 2. 




The queen of the cuisine here is home-made Italian pasta which you can buy in a grocery store situated right at the restaurant. The store also offers oven-fresh bread, mozzarella, olives, sausages and many other delicacies brought from Italy. The list of specialties includes bigoli with duck( popular Venetian pasta from buckwheat flour and duck eggs) assortment of appetizers to go with wine, sorbets and ice-creams, panna cotta with strawberry jam and home-made tiramisu. Another trademark of the place is mozzarella bar with three kinds of this famous Italian product.

Address: Klovskyi descent, 7-a.