11 spots for photo shots

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11 spots for photo shots


Overview of original Kyiv grounds

1) From the shield of Mother of the Motherland


The highest peak over Kyiv, where you are officially allowed to take a photo, is the monument Mother of the Motherland near the Great Patriotic War museum. The monument is102 metrestall with the pedestal higher than the one of the American Statue of Liberty.

You can climb the upper ground after paying a 200 gryvnya fee. It will take around an hour to get there and to have some time left for taking pictures.

You do not necessarily have to go to the very top, the 92-metre viewing ground would be quite enough –  and accessible by lift.

There is space for two people only on the shield, where you can get through the arm of the statue and the steep stairs. Here all of Kyiv will lie before your eyes (as it will not if you remain on the viewing ground due to the shield closing part of the view).

So, what do you need? To go through a short safety briefing at the bottom of the statue. Better discuss the other questions on the phone beforehand: (044) 285-94-52.

Working hours: 10.00-17.00, closed on Mondays.


2) “The Ground of Riddles” on Peizazhna Alley

Young Kyiv artist Konstantin Skretutskyi created over a dozen modern sculptures in Desyatynnyi lane. You can see here tiny as well as 5-feet fairy-tale heroes, animals, walls with mosaic, modelling and paintings.  

A great piece on a Biblical theme overlooks Velyka Zhytomyrskaya Street, 24-b, with other small paintings on the nearby buildings. For instance, the wall of a neighbouring house is painted in Ukrainian national style.

The best time for visiting this place is before noon on weekdays, at other times it is really crowded. The perfect scenery for a picture of Kyiv and the city’s greenery can be found at this location.


3) Destroyer on Rybalskyi Island

One can get here by reaching the end of Nyzhniy Val and crossing the river over the Vantovyi bridge. The very same two-decked destroyer ”Zheleznyakov” of the Second World War times is placed on a pedestal in the park.

You can get on it by handmade stairs, but you’ll have to do your best to brace yourself up. You can even get inside the cabins, and, of course, on the decks of the giant two-sail vessel with sharp pointed masts,

The legendary ship was restored and is looked after, so it looks neat and clean.

It is almost never crowded, which ensures silence and quietness during shooting. But still it’s better to go there in daytime, when you can calmly stroll around the territory which is not forbidden.


4) Well houses

There are several quadrangular houses in Kyiv, all in the centre of the city, and at the following addresses: Tereshenkivska str., 13, Tarasovska str. 9-a, Lyuteranska str.,3, Gorodetskogo, 12/3, Bogdana Khmelnytskogo, 32, Vladimirskaya, 60 (the red building of the Shevchenko university), Gonchara, 45, Gostinyi dvor (now, though, being reconstructed), and among newly built ones – business centre “Illiynskyi” on the same name street under numbers 6 and 8.

These courtyards are absolutely closed, accessible through arches or very narrow passages.  Stone pedestals were installed at some gateways when coaches were the main means of transport for them not to scratch the angles of buildings.

Some special authentic atmosphere is present in the courtyards of well houses. There are very few of them in Kyiv and they are perfect places for urban style pictures.


5) The House with Chimeras

One of the most original and unusual houses of Kyiv is situated on Bankova str., 10. It  can be reached both from Lyuteranskaya str., and by stairs from Ivan Franko theatre (the nearest metro station – Khreshatyk). The house was built by famous architect Gorodetskyi at the beginning of the 20th century and is featured by a great number of sculptural adorations, with themes varying from mythology to hunting.

The building is of cubic form and different height: 3 floors from the side of Bankova str., and 6 floors from the side of the theatre. The unusual house with chimeras is fairly considered to be a true sign of Kyiv.


6) Oblique caponier (the Kyiv fortress and fortifications)

The fortifications are situated on Pechersk near the now functioning military hospital. You can get here both from the side of the hospital and from Lesya Ukrayinka boulevard. Not many Kyivians have even been here.

Initially the fortress was a political prison, now the Kyiv fortress museum of history is based there. There are fortifications with gates and a drawbridge close to the semi-subterranean caponier, canons and wooden defensive installations. Narrow stone paved passages lead to the caponier. Moreover, there is a viewing ground near the building, where one can see the Olimpiyskyi stadium and Kyiv’s downtown.

The place is almost empty on weekdays but beware of Monday holidays  when the entrance may happen to be closed. The entrance is free of charge, by the way.


7) Termen Fountain on Gonchara street

There were 6 cast-iron fountains produced in the factory of Aleksey Termen in Kyiv. They were cast 100 years ago when water supply was being arranged in the capital. Back then, people used water for private needs and 6 buckets cost 1 copeck. 

Now all of them have a decorative function and some were removed – for example, from Lva Tolstogo and Evropeyska squares.

All Kyivians have seen some of them: in Mariinsky park, at Zoloti Vorota and another one near Ivan Franko theatre.

The fountain onGonchara streetis less known. It is even called the secret one, since after it was removed from Sofiyvska square, relatively few people know about it. The fountain is situated opposite the State Service of Ukraine on Situations of Emergency, practically on the very top ofOlessya Gonchara street.


8) Viewing ground of the Lavra

Quite recently restored, it is situated on the territory of Kyiv Pechersk Lavra behind the Refectory church. This is the only place wherefrom the closed territory of the monastery, its gardens and domes, the Near and the Far caves, monument Mother of the Motherland are well seen. On the other hand – the Left bank and theDnieper.

Visitors are few here and you can come anytime. The sunset is beautiful at this place but it’s better to come for the sunset in autumn when the sun goes down earlier as the Lavra is closed in the eveningEntrance fee – maximum 10 gryvnya.


9) Vozdvizhenka (Vozdvizhenka district)

An architecturally unique place can be found in Podil – which can be reached from Andriivskyi descent or from Verkhniy Val. Modern and baroque houses are colourfully painted, the streets are narrow and cozy and small parks are found in the central square and behind the buildings. The three- and five-story houses are decorated with massive eaves, bay windows, spacious attics, and some of them  even with steeple turrets. Vivid and impressive buildings have created the space beloved for wedding photo shots that can be regularly seen here on weekends.


10) The Dniepervoyage

You can take quite a number of interesting and nice photos while taking a cruise down Kyiv’s Dnieper River.

Average ticket fee - 50 gryvnya. It’s best to choose a big ship with an open deck so you can be closer to water and further from the crowd.

Remember to make a wish under a bridge. No matter which route you pick – to Obolon or to the Yuzhnyi bridge - you will go under a couple of bridges.  

Looking for new impressions, you can set off to the Kyiv Sea, on that route you will go through a lock, which is worth doing.

Moreover, you’ll be able to see the favourite place of Kyivians strolling: the Obolon embankment.

In general, you will have 5 or 6 routes for your choice, with 90 minutes duration. Come to Poshtova square. Here there is the biggest choice of ships and routes. Fewer people are herein the morning or in the daytime.


11) The Sofiyvska Square

Sofiyvska Square is still one of the centres of spiritual and cultural life of Kyiv. It’s also a place for concerts and other events. From the Square, you’ll have a view of Mykhailivska Square and St.Michael’s Golden Domed Cathedral..

Sofiyvska Square is one of the biggest squaresin Kyiv, and there are many interesting spots around. Better come here in the evening, when the crowds have left and the lights make the square gorgeous.